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Thursday, March 19, 2015


My new Poem and Drawing:  I LOVE SPARROW Happy World Sparrow Day!!

 I wonder how a sparrow is,

A bit yellow, brown and white,

Every day she comes to my windowsill,

Eating grains still and quiet.

I wonder how a sparrow is,

Who builds her nests on trees,

Never throw a pebble at her,

Even to see how quickly she flees.

I wonder how a Sparrow is,

Who eats a berry,

Even if I don’t know who she is,

I’ll say she is cute very.

If we harm the sparrow,

It will be no good,

Because if there are none of them,

The insects will eat all our food.

So, friends keep them safe,

So we will be alive,

Promise you’ll not harm them

And give me High-Five. 
~ Chinmayee

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Big Picture Special.....

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