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Sunday, October 30, 2016


Firecrackers....! I shouted as I saw a big polythene bag in my uncle's hand. I was excited and the only thought I could think of next was to explode them. 
But my next thought was the one that I pondered over for at least half an hour and it could well stop the first one. It was about pollution.

Firecrackers pollute but the big trouble is that they scare dogs and cats so much they yelp and pant for help and hide away. Firecrackers have an adverse effect on the environment too. Crackers can cause land pollution, because of the paper that is left after exploding. They cause air pollution too, as they release a large amount of CO², better known as carbon dioxide and sulphur, lead etc etc.

On Diwali we light up lamps,also known as Akashdiva or Akashkandil. Diwali is celebrated on Amavasya ( new moon day). It is known as the darkest night of the year. I love lighting diyas and electric lightings to beatify my balcony. May all have a happy Diwali !!!

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Big Picture Special.....

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