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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Doodling an Owl - Save Owls !

Doodling an Owl 

Owls are third on my list of favorite birds. And what reason do I have not to like them ? They're majestic, beautiful and quiet.Well, silence is golden, and it helps these wonderful birds catch their prey, which usually consists of mice and small mammals. Unfortunately, the numbers of this species has seen a rapid decline in the recent times. During festivals owls are caught and offered as a sacrifice to the gods, mainly Lakshmidevi during Diwali. I don't know what makes these people think that catching an innocent owl and offering it to gods will appease their wrath. Well, festivals aren't needed to kill them.Village folks catch owls and kill them as a bad omen, Poachers for their beaks,talons and feathers and other evil people for their eyes and organs to perform unnecessary rituals and trade in the name of black magic. I wish these people would stop doing it. Owls help us keep our farms and fields rat-free and they keep the ecosystem well balanced. So whenever you see an Owl, try to save it and remember my article .

Save Owls !

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