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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

History is no more a Mystery !


When we all hear History.... we think that i'm gonna need a pillow. I'm gonna sleep!

But History isn't always all that boring. Except the dates.....

Here are some ways to enjoy history:)

1. Think of it as a story

This is probably the most common sentence you'll hear for history, but I'm not joking. Imagine everything as story time going on in front of you. Maybe you are at the scene ! Its like you're in front of Akbar, or Aurangzeb while he was dividing his kingdom among his sons when you see that he's not going to to give you any, and suddenly you realize that its not actually happening and the brothers would kill each other for the throne anyway.

I am so glad I'm not a Mughal kid in line. 

2.Write everything down.

I know taking notes during classes pains the hand but saves you from an awful lot of reading later.
While the textbooks have long boring text, you can write the points in keywords in your own history notepad and keep reading them. They come in handy during the exams.


Ask your teacher if you don't know or aren't sure for something.
Nobody will clear your doubts if they don't know. 

As for me, I have a great teacher ......:)

4. Go on You tube

You tube is definitely the best source to have a lot of practice and what's even better... It's fun! You tube has a thousand videos on every chapter. So go make the boring chapters interesting.

My exams just finished. I am waiting eagerly for the results. 

Let's see !

~ Chinmayee

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